Salisbury Heights

Salisbury Heights has seen many changes over the decades though as one passes through they might think it is preserved as it was by the lovely colonials and Historic building that grace that area.

The village included:

  • TAVERN: Ca 1775-early 1800’s, at the Abel Elkins House across from Old Baptist Meeting House (Kepper House), home existing.
  • WHEELWRIGHT/Blacksmith Shop in the workshop building on the same land, existing shed structure.
  • POST OFFICE and Drew’s Store. Previously J.P. Webster’s Store owned  1801-1858. Located (wedged) between Abel Elkins House and Thomas and Eliphalet WIlliam House. Destroyed by fire.
  • STORE: Thomas an Eliphalet Williams House built 1792 ( Corner of Oak Hill Road and Rte 4). “Originally housed a store and a meeting hall upstairs. The store portion probably included all of the west side of the house and the Hall was immediately above the store. Masonic Meetings were held there in the early 1800’s” -John Dearborn History of Salisbury NH 1890. Nan Dexheimers’s gift and craft shop in the 1970’s was located an adjacent building. Remaining as a residence.
  • SCHOOL house, West Salisbury Road, removed.
  • SCHOOL house which is now the Salisbury Free Library, existing.
  • MEETING HOUSE:  Baptist Meeting House, completed 1794,  which now houses the Salisbury Historical Society Offices, existing.
  • CEMETERIES: Baptist Graveyard behind the Baptist Meeting House, existing. Oak Hill (Road) Cemetery laid out in 1868, uphill from Salisbury Heights.
  • HEARSE HOUSE, built 1850 and town Roller shed, combined, which now houses the Salisbury Historical Society’s Museum since 1990, existing.
  • TOWN HALL: Salisbury Town Hall ca 1839-1840
  • BLACKSMITH George Calef Blacksmith, Carriage and Clock repair shop rte 4, torn down ca 1925
  • FILLING STATION: Heath’s Filling Station at Deacon William Cate house (built 1795), Antique Shop, next to Kepper House. House remains.
  • MILL: Hensmith road

Photos 1-3 Courtesy of John Drew Trachy from his family’s photo collection

Additional photos: Salisbury Heights Center Village Schools

#1) This building still exists besides the Kepper House (Abel Elkins House). It appears to be a Wheel Wright shop.The notation on the back of the Working at Salisbury picture is “Left – Andrew Lorden, George Calef, John Wilbur, Ed Tucker, at Salisbury NH”. A note attached reads: “small building across from Church at Heights, adjacent to colonial home of F P Drew.”

#2)Drew’s Grocery Store, Post Office and Inn Was was adjacent to (wedged between) the Thomas and Eliphalet Williams House (1792 on the corner of Oak Hill Road and Route 4 and the Abel Elkins House). Fire destroyed it ca 1925-30

3) Horses on Treadmill. Written on the back of the photo: Taken at Salisbury 1907 by Alonzo Cole. Burt Green putting wood on machine; Henry Smith sawing with his horse Pony; Amos Chapman taking away wood; Ed Drew 5 years sitting on ground; Edith Drew 6 and a half years sitting on ground; Will Battis 11 years sitting on ground. Corner of Shaw Hill Road at the Heights? Oak Hill.  Sylvester Green’s home in background, old post-office site. this very well may be a view of the Drew Store building from another angle, near corner of Oak Hill Rd.