Exploring Salisbury, Then and Now

This open sharing portion of our website and its pages are dedicated to an exploration of various subjects relevant to our town’s history as well as its continuing traditions.



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Exploring Town History

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The Arts (with links to Fine Arts, Crafts and Music and Theater), Bartlett Grange 104 (with links to Remembering the Grange Oral Histories,   Commerce and Industries,  Cemeteries and Burials, historical approaches to Healthcare, Native People, Old Schoolhouses  (with links to remembering the Old Schooldays), Old South Road Village, the lost village of Smith’s Corner, Wicked Weather 


Though not designed to be scholarly historical treatises on subjects, we do hope it will give you new insights into our town’s story.

We would like to encourage your participation in helping to grow this portion of the website.

Do you have a historical topic you would like to see covered?

Some of your contributions can be historical materials, old photographs, reminiscences etc.


Our Then and Now Fine Arts and Crafts pages are a continuing look at objects made by hand, both functional and artistic, past and present. Our ‘present’ becomes tomorrow’s  ‘history’.

Do you  have any artwork from the past you would be willing to share an image of on our website?

Are you actively involved in the arts in any way either as a professional or hobbyist?

Do you have something to contribute on any relevant topic including past cultural events, music or theater?


New topics which may be covered in the future:

Agriculture, Past and Present. Are you involved in working with the earth either in new ways of farming or landscape design?

Old Salisbury roads and turnpikes

History of phone and mail service in Salisbury

Moving old buildings (how did they do that?). What has been moved?

Religion and churches

Continuing exploration of early parts of town i.e. “Gookin Mills” (West Salisbury) is next.

Additional methods of early healing including the use of herbs and midwifery

What was and what is cooking in Salisbury? (Food)


We would like to encourage your participation in growing this part of the website.

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