About the Website

The Salisbury Historical Society in the Digital Age


Our goals with our online presence at this time are twofold.

1) To provide information about The Salisbury Historical Society, our mission, events, projects and programs.

2) To spark interest in historical topics pertinent to our town and to provide an opportunity for all to  participate in building this contributory portion of the website.

Navigating The Website

Depending on how you are viewing this website, such as on a large desktop computer or smaller lap top computer or phone screen or tablet such as an ipad etc., the location of the Main Menu will vary. On larger screens it is located in black text on a top bar with drop down menus and perhaps also on the right column and on smaller screens on the bottom below that page’s text. In addition you may also notice a small icon with 3 horizontal bars above and to the right of each page headings  “Salisbury Historical Society, New Hampshire”. By clicking on that icon the Main Menu will appear as well.  

Should you have any difficulty with our website or offer a correction please contact the webmaster at:


Please note that any underlined lettering on these webpages in this royal blue indicates a link to another page on our website with more information.

On the Menu list, the first 8 links will bring you to pertinent information about The Salisbury Historical Society itself describing and showing in images who we are, what we do and what we seek to preserve.  

The section of the website devoted to research topics into Salisbury’s history and continuing traditions is found under  “Exploring Town History”

These diverse topics are vast areas which we continue to explore.

We hope you will join us to expand our efforts in both the physical and digital world.