Mary Philips

Hearse House Museum

1885- A storage shed for the new town hearse was built.

1912- A larger addition for a snow roller was added.

1986- The town of Salisbury turned the Hearse House building over to the Salisbury Historical Society.

1990- The Museum was opened by our then President, Anne G. Smith. It was her vision to turn this Hearse house into an appropriate space to display the Town hearse and the many other Salisbury artifacts that had been donated to the Society for preservation.

The original hearse remains on display today. In addition, there is a reconstruction of a country store with goods, old post office mailboxes, an old telephone switchboard system, handcrafts and various tools and objects of historical interests.

Today, the curatorial team continues to accept historical Salisbury memorabilia to have available for all to view and to continue Anne’s efforts.  We remain grateful for Anne Smith’s vision and determination and for all those who worked to create and preserve The Hearse House museum.



Museum Hours:

Late spring, summer  Saturdays

1:00 PM-4:00 PM

or by appointment