Cemetery Walk

There are few Cemetery Walks in our state and we are very pleased to have a very dedicated group of volunteers who help to keep this tradition alive in our town.

Our volunteers give a brief biographical talk before their historical character’s graveside in the Old Baptist Cemetery in Salisbury Heights. The Cemetery Walk is a very interesting joining of past and present.  This event takes place in June during the Round Robin School Program and again at Old Home Day in August.

It is also a wonderful opportunity for young and old to participate.  Any age group is welcomed. Please contact us if you should have an interest in being a character or creating a garment. If you are an educator in our district interested in coordinating  possible participation by a student for community service or history projects please contact us.

Many thanks to those who maintain this interesting event by being a historical character, aiding in costume procurement or construction and those assisting in the events.


Arthur Garvin

Arthur Garvin, Past President 2008-2010

Joseph Schmidl, in character, wearing a garment made by Cindy Owen.

Joseph Schmidl, in character as Moses Garland of Rogers Rangers, wearing a garment made by Cindy Owen.

Detail of Joseph's vest: Robert Rogers Rangers Buttons

Detail of Joseph’s vest: Rogers Rangers Buttons

Cemetery Walk David Melchin

Dennis Melchin, Past President 1996-1998, 2002-2006









Laurel Martin, long time supporter of the Cemetery Walk

Laurel Martin, long time supporter of the Cemetery Walk








Cemetery Walk, Martha

Remembering Martha Heath


Cemetery Walk Doc, Maggie

Remembering John Phillips

Cemetery Walk John Kepper1

Dr. John Kepper