The Salisbury Historical Society offers special programs during spring and summer.

Attendance is free, refreshments are served and all are welcome.  We hope you will  join us!

Lecture by Dr Waters, Expert on NH Gravestones and Burials




Some examples of past Special Programs

 “NH Quilt Documentation Project, Phase 11”

Presented by Gerald Roy, Certified Quilt Appraiser and famous author

“Letters Home,  A Civil War Story”

Presented by Evelyn Auger

“History of Lilacs in New Hampshire”

Presented by Guy Guita

“Growing Herbs In A Basket”

Presented by Peg Mastey

“Covered Bridges of New Hampshire”

Presented by Glenn Knoblock

“New Hampshire Gravestones”

Presented by Dr. David Watters

“A Soldiers Mother Tells Her Story” 

Presented by Sharon Woods

“Black Bears In NH” 

Presented by Ben Kilham  2008

“The Bear Man”

“Stories and Vignettes of Ebenezer Webster, Father of Daniel Webster”

Presented by Andrew Cheney

“History and Art of Building Rock Walls”

Presented by Kevin Gardner

“What NH Thought Was Funny 200 Years  Ago” 

Presented by Charles E. Clark

“Baked Beans and Fried Clams, How Food Defines A Region”   

Presented by Eddie Clark

“Mourning Customs of Victorian Times”

Presented by Evelyn Auger   and Linda Salatiello 

“Native American History of N.H”

Presented by David Stuart Smith

“Old Time Rules Will Prevail: The Fiddle   Contest in New Hampshire and New England”

Presented by fiddler Adam Boyce

“Susan B Anthony, The Invincible”

Presented by Sally Matson

“Granite State Sacrifice for the Union,  150th Civil War Anniversary”

Presented by Steven Robert Closs   2011