Correspondence Index

Located in the archives of the Salisbury HIstorical Society are many wonderful letters and papers that have been painstakingly sorted and filed.  It would be a very large project to present them here on our website however as time goes on some will be included and the Index below will list them. Click the blue link to view the correspondences in excerpt or in full.

Organized by Date.

The “Love Letters”

Date: approximately 1852-1859  8 Letters

Location: Archives Office, Correspondence Box

From: Edwin F. Delancey of New York residing in Grass Valley California

No genealogy at this time.

To: Esther F. Dimond of Concord and Salisbury NH

Likely genealogy: Born April 24, 1832 in South Hampton, Rockingham County, NH.  Died December 9, 1908 in Salisbury.  She was the 5th of 10 children.  She wrote the letters when in her 20s.  In 1860 she lived in Boston with her brother.  On Nov. 21, 1866 she married Albert P. Morrison (or possibly Thomas Albert Morrison) and they had no children.  Albert died in 1872.  In 1880, she is listed living in Boston with a “son” Thomas, 21, her sister and two nieces.  Albert likely had a son before marrying Esther. Esther was a second wife to Mr. Morrison whose first wife was Cora Chase Newcomer of Wauseon Ohio, married June 7, 1858.  Thomas’ (son) birthdate would have to be in 1859.  The same time almost as the love letters.  1900 census lists her and George Dimond 77 and George S. Dimond 44 living in Salisbury.  She resided at the 100 acre Dimond Farm south of the crossroads of Rte 4 and 127 in Salisbury. She was 68 and listed as a farmer.  She is buried in Franklin Cemetery.

One of Esther’s brothers, Oral was born 7 years before her. He went to California in 1844 was not heard from since that time.

Topic: Letters are a combination of declaration of love from Mr. Delancey to Ms. Dimond, poetry, deep reflections on life, as well as interesting commentary on life in California during the Gold Rush Days.

Format: Handwritten original letters and transcripts

Letter 1     1852 (possibly incorrectly dated)

Letter 2   Feb 1858

Letter 3   April 15, 1858

Letter 4   July 17,1858

Letter 5   Sept 30, 1858

Letter 6  June 2, 1859

Letter 7   June 18, 1859

Letter 8  July 15, 1859

Correspondnce to Friends

Anna R. Eaton Letter

Date: Sept Aug 19,1901, Palmyra New York

Location: Copy in SHS Archives Office,  Courtesy of Mr. and Mr. Ed Swyer

From:  Anna Ruth (Webster) Eaton

To: Sawyer family in Salisbury

Topic: In praise of Salisbury and Memories

Letter: 7 pages


England Is Grateful

Date: Sept 20, 1941

Location: SHS Archives Office, Correspondence Box

From: Miss Ada B. Teetgen, Kent England

To: Women’s Knitting Bee in West Salisbury, NH

Topic: In part a  Thank You Letter to the knitting ladies of West Salisbury for knitting goods for the British people under siege during the German air raids of WW2.  In large part a personal and detailed description of her tasks in the war effort as a fire spotter watching for German invading aircraft and bombings. A vivid description of life under attack.

Format: It would appear the original Letter may have been published in a newspaper as it is in a typed column format. Copy.

England is Grateful

 Coyne, Edward   Letters

Date: approximately 2000

Location: Archives Office, Correspondence Box,

From: Ed Coyne

To: Mary Philips, Curator of the Salisbury Historical Society

Topic: Reminiscences of childhood in Salisbury  1940’s.

Format: Handwritten original letters

Excerpt:  Collecting Milkweed pods in the WW2 war effort.