Commerce and Industries

Shaw’s Grist Mill, West Salisbury

Over the many decades the town of Salisbury has seen many commercial ventures.

The following is a nearly complete list of those enterprises we are aware of but any information or corrections are welcome:

Blacksmith Shops/Wheelwright shops:

Andrew Pettingill -likely Old Coach Road, South Road village

P.A. Fellows -near Bog Road rte 27

West Salisbury Black Smith Shop, possibly. Photo in Salisbury Lost, no other data found

George Calef’s Carriage repair, Blacksmith Shop, Clock repair ca 11883-1911 -Center Road Village, (Salisbury Heights)



Christopher Paige -South Road


Bull Rake Factory

T.D. Little  Bull Rake factory –Old Coach Road, South Road Village


Chair Back Factory

  Sawyers Sawmill  -on road adjacent to the Blackwater River


Fulling & Carding Mill:

Captain William Pingree -on the Blackwater


Cider Mill

Edward Renfew’s Cider Mill- on Old coach Road, South Road Village


Filling Station

Heath’s Filling Station ca. between 1905 and 1957 -Center Road Village, (Salisbury Heights)

Cunliff (likely a filling station as well as store)> Barton >Crossroads Store (currently)- Route 4 & 127 South Road Village


General Stores:

Thomas and Eliphalet Williams, later Samuel Bartlett  -Center Road Village, (Salisbury Heights)

Nathaniel Noyes Store – South Road Village

Eldbridge Greenough Store  -ca 1850  South Road Village

Cunliff> Barton> Crossroads Store (currently)- Route 4 & 127 South Road Village

Greenleaf Store  prior to 1794> Hills Store> Red Tea House  – South Road Village next to Congregational Church

Cyrus Gookin/Dunlap  Store and Post office- West Salisbury 1857-1920, currently a residence

Jonathan P. Webster’s store 1801-1858> Drew’s Store, Inn and Post Office- 1898-1916 -Center Road Village (Salisbury Heights)

Nan Dexheimer Antique Shop and Crafts, ca 1965-1975

Rene Beaudoin’s  out of home ca 1940’s mid 1960’s- South Road Village

Rene Beaudoin’s Vegetable Stand- mid 1960’s – South Road Village just south of new crossroads junction mid 1960’s



Cyrus Gookin Grist Mill  prior to 1834, to at least 1890 -on The Blackwater River, West Salisbury

Henry & Samuel Calef Mill -on Stirrup Iron Brook

David Kimaball & Moses Sawyer converted Emerson tannery into Grist Mill -on Stirrup Iron Brook

James Currier Mill -on the Blackwater River West Salisbury


Harness and Saddlery

Townsend’s Harness & Saddle Shop – right off the Crossroads on rt 4 NE, South Road Village



Caleb Morse

Thomas R. Greenleaf Hat Factory initially – right off the Crossroads on rt 4 NE, moved 1834,Old Coach Road, South Road village


Inns & Taverns & Meeting Halls:

Andrew Pettingill prior to 1767 South Road VIllage

Major Stephen Bohonon-  public Hall

Stephen Webster -2 story hotel  South Road Village

Abel Elkin 1794- Tavern Centre Village (Salisbury Heights)

Mrs Drew Hotel- was site of Jonathan P Webster store  (Salisbury Heights)

Masonic Hall- right off the Crossroads on rt 4 NE, South Road Village



Plumbago- up Buckhorn Road


Ore Harvesting Operation:

Tripoli polishing material- Wilders Pond bog


Potash factories:

Andrew Bowers, Wilder & Bowers, – South Road Village at crossroads

John White’s Potash until 1830 -South Road near Bog Road



 Charles Shaw–on Stirrup Iron Brook /Shaw Pond             

William Holmes– (previously Wilder & Bowers etc) on Stirrup Iron Brook

John Shaw Sawmill- West Salisbury on the Blackwater River

Shingle/sawmill  Silas Elkins, Reuben Greeley -Mill Brook

Stevens Sawmill-  On Mill Brook off Scribner’s Corner (Buckhorn Road)

Samuel Loverin Saw Mill  -Loverin Hill Road

Fellows Mill -0n Beaverdam Brook opposite near Fellow Cemetery

Elkins> Dunlap> Pingree Sawmill>  Prince’s Mill

Nathaniel Greeley -Tucker Pond stream

T.D. Little Steam Shingle Mill- after 1834 -Old Coach Road, South Road Village


Shoe Factory:

J.H. Clements Shoe Factory, previously John Whites Store, Allen’s Store, – right off the Crossroads on rte 4 NE,, South Road Village



John Calef -on Stirrup Iron Brook

 John Emerson -on Stirrup Iron Brook

Herschel Green Tannery  -Center Range Road, Loverin Hill Rd and Hensmith junction) 


Tin Shop:

Flanders Tin Shop – right off the Crossroads on rte 4 NE, South Road Village

Where was South Road Village? South Road Village

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