About Us

We are a dedicated and energetic all volunteer group of townspeople like yourself who share a love of history and have a common goal of keeping our history alive and accessible to many. 

ABOUT  US is actually about you. As we see it, preserving our town history is a gift to you, our fellow citizens, and  generations to come and “we” cannot do it without “you” as well.  We would be very pleased to have you join us in our endeavors, as we rely on our volunteers to stay vital.  Without new volunteers, none of this is possible and our history is lost. 

There are many ways to help:

  • Become a member and bring new energy, ideas and talents.
  • Create a project, serve on a existing committee or start a new one that appeals.  
  • Have a few hours on Saturday morning once in awhile in the summer? Consider being a museum docent. Please contact the Curator/Museum Coordinator.
  • Can you help with our participation on Old Home Day?
  • Do you have artifacts or materials to donate or loan for an exhibit? Please contact the Curator. 
  • Can you help generate membership? Are you good with social media?
  • Join and follow us on Facebook and join the conversation and generate interest. Contribute to topics. Share with your friends.                                
  • Want to float an idea for  a new historical topic for a page on Website or have new info to share, including photos? 
  • Are you theatrical or curious? Ever think about trying your talents out on being a re enactor? Be part of the cemetery walk as a historical character once or twice a year. Children are welcome!
  • Is your hobby or expertise genealogy and would you consider volunteering to being a referral person to those contacting us? It is not uncommon for people to contact us and come to visit from out of town searching for grave sites so sharing our cemetery work and records has extended way beyond our town lines.
  • Do you like chatting with town seniors and perhaps being part of collecting their stories? Our book “They Said It In Salisbury” can certainly have additional senior interviews added at this time if someone would like to form this project.
  • Help us to keep our projects going and buildings and trees in top shape by donating. No donations are ever too small. thank you!
  • Contact Us


President: Al Romano

Treasurer: Joe Schmidl

   Secretary: Cindy Romano


Curator – Linda Denoncourt

Membership & Hospitality: Gail Henry

Website & Facebook: Rose Cravens

Christmas Party: Paul LaRaia

Flag Project Coordinator:  Rose Cravens

Elementary School History Laison: Arthur Garvin

Elementary School Laison: Kathleen De Grassie

 Scholarship & Concert Coordinator: Paul LaRaia 

Round Robin /Cemetery Walk Coordinator: Rose Cravens


Past Presidents of the Salisbury Historical Society

We are deeply indebted to the following people for all their contributions in time and effort to help preserve our town’s history.

1966-1970  Dana Parks

1970-1971  Philip Dexheimer

1972-1974  Dana Parks

1974-1977  Stuart Goss

1977-1978  Melvin Peach

1978-1982  John Stahl

1982-1984  Philip Denoncourt

1985-1986  Sylvia Barber

1986-1988  David Clukay

1988-1990  Paul Shaw

1990-1992  Anne Smith

1992-1993  Leonard Burke

1993-1994  Petra Nosenzo

1994-1996  Paul Shaw

1996-1998  Dennis Melchin

1998-2000  Patrick Walsh

2000-2002  Marlena Dipre

2002-2006-1998  Dennis Melchin

2006-2008 Linda Denoncourt

2008-2010  Arthur Garvin

2010-2012  Linda Denoncourt

2012-2013  Paul Martin

2013-2016 Linda Denoncourt